About our Products!

Quality Craftsmanship – For us, our goal is always to design and craft a piece that not only fits the brief but is also great value and quality. To ensure this we are dedicated to continually learning, evolving and innovating our designs and our craft.
The Environment – For us it’s about making better choices like sourcing more sustainable materials and making products that last. Which is why we use reclaimed wood and robust steel.
Our Community – We have teamed up with Ecologi to tackle the climate crisis. For every order you place, they will plant 10 trees.

Meet the team! 

Where to begin… we come from a family of three brothers who grew up in Kent. Growing up we did everything brothers do to each other. We put worms in each other’s sandwiches, drew moustaches on each other’s faces, stole our dads tools to build a tree house and even tried to travel to the moon in a spaceship (the washing machine), thankfully our Mum caught us just before take-off. Safe to say our parents were kept on their toes!
Dan, our eldest brother, focused on being an adult (man child) and took the suit route. We however were always good with our hands. Sam became an electrical engineer and Josh a lift engineer. After 15 years of experience it was time to come back together and continue the laughter and our love for building things. This time, instead of tree houses we turned our hand to bespoke  furniture. The idea of James Squared was born around the kitchen table and we were able to make that dream a reality - with the help of some family who we’d like to thank. Grandad Bob and Uncle Terry not only filled our minds with ideas, but they also donated the tools for us to build them. We thank you and miss you always.
So, what do we do? We both do a bit of everything, as a small business you’re in charge of everything from ordering materials, making the products, quality control, speaking to the customers, controlling the social media and so on.
Our Dad is a big part of the business and helped us build it from the start. Unfortunately he lost his battle with cancer and passed away in September 2022. We will do everything to continue to grow this James2 and make him proud!
Our wives Maria and Hannah are always on hand to help (although normally dodge the dirty work!). It’s a family effort and we are a family run business.  Mum wasn’t so helpful she was more focused on doing head stands.
Now you know a bit more about us, we look forward to finding out about you and working together in the future.
Sam & Josh xx
James Brothers